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When Canon gave us the first consumer digital SLR camera in 2008 it changed the landscape for video shooters everywhere. The need for large and expensive professional video cameras to shoot high quality video came to an end. That DSLR camera you invested in to take your photography to the next level could now take full high definition video. Combine that with the selection of lenses available to the photographer and you suddenly have the means to shoot video that was previously only available to filmmakers.




My training career began in the Young Irish Filmmakers where I designed and taught courses in
photography and film making to young people. Since then I have been a tutor with the Dublin Photography School where I currently teach my one day course 'Introduction to DSLR Video'

So whether you're the person in work who has found themselves put in charge of the company DSLR, a professional or hobbyist photographer interested in shooting video or you just want to properly video your next family occasion I'd love to talk to you about tailoring a training session to your particular requirements.


Details of my class at Dublin Photography School are at this link:

Or contact me directly if you'd like to organise some one-on-one or group tuition

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